Goal Setting & Vision Board Lifeclass.

“The best way to predict your future is to create it.”

― Abraham Lincoln

What would you like to achieve in 2022 and beyond? Forget about resolutions, you need a REAL PLAN to succeed this year! At my Goal Setting and Vision Board life class, I show you the art and science of setting goals in the 12 fundamental blocks of your life, and how to create a vision board that will keep your goals top of mind and drive you to achieve them.

At this highly practical life class, you get to set your intentions for the year and be equipped to create the strategies to smash them. Everyone who took a goal-setting/vision board session with me in the last 2-years has a testimony to share and this could be you too!

See some inspiring success stories below. Take the class just as you are now, and finish it with a proper plan for success!

What You Get:

Interactive 12-part short video series to take you through my effective goal setting process
Specially designed workbook to boost your experience and also support you throughout the year!
A practical strategy segment with global leader, Dr Batth, on how to map out your plans and achieve your goals
2021 can be the year you finally experience a meaningful, happy, profitable and holistic life and career, but that depends on the decision you take today. Click the button below to register now and get on the path to creating and living the life you really want.

Any Day

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Come as you are, leave with a plan!

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Success Stories

  • Last year's Goal setting and Vision Board session with Omawumi was very rewarding for me. I had the opportunity to set some of my 2020 goals and pursue them with renewed vigor and determination. I realised that I could actually create a visual/graphic representation of my hopes and dreams. Doing that brought closer home the fact that achieving those visions/dreams was more possible than ever before...and I did achieve one major vision - carrying my newborn son in my arms after 15 years of marriage!
    -  Alex Edwin-Okon, Realtor and Licensed Real Estate Practitioner.
  • Nothing prepared me for 2020 like the Vision Board Soirée we had with Oma at the start of the year. Drawing our wheel of life and scoring each aspect made me intentional about improving every aspect of my life. Despite the pandemic, I’d go back to the wheel and see my goals for each area and boy did I receive new opportunities in 2020 or what? I have so much more confidence approaching this year because I have experienced the power of a vision board. I highly recommend 10/10!
    -  Precious Nwachukwu, PR Consultant

Otu Njama III is a filmmaker, content creator and director who has done some amazing works in his career. In January 2020, he attended my goal setting & vision board soiree, did all the exercises and left. Fast forward to March 2020, just before the lockdown, Otu pivoted to start a food business, Firewood Flavor (On Instagram as @fire_woodflavor. Their Edikaikong, Afang soup and more, hit all the right notes); serving many people delicious meals and growing each day.

Recently, I was looking at the photos from that session and I saw this photo of Otu holding his vision board. A picture on the board caught my eye, it was a man arranging meals on the table and it hit me... Firewood Flavor! Speaking with Otu, he was shocked when I made the connection between his board and his business. In his words “Do you know I didn't even notice that? And it's in my room, I see it all day and didn't even realise it. Food business started in March and as at when we did that meeting, I'm not sure I had it in mind to start a food brand yet." he wrote to me.

The film industry has been one of the hardest hit since the pandemic. Imagine if Otu hadn't started his food business which has become his major source of income at this time? The food industry has also proven to be one of the most patronized from the lockdown till now, with deliveries to homes and the convenience that not having to cook brings, food entrepreneurs are smiling to the bank. Otu was able to make a wise 360 business turn because he set his goals and created a visual representation of what he really wanted and the universe partnered with him to make it happen.

Meet your Facilitators


Omawumi Ogbe is the managing partner at one of Nigeria’s fastest growing PR & Communications agencies, GLG Communications. She works with individuals and organizations to achieve their communication goals, building bigger and better brands across Africa. A TEDx speaker, Ogbe is a certified Life Coach with studies in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Emotional Intelligence and more.

A trained GoalPRO coach by Africa’s premier coach, The Catalyst, Lanre Olusola; Ogbe utilizes her knowledge and experience to coach individuals and organizations to discover and communicate their true identity. In March 2019, she was honored with the Coaching Icon Award for her work in coaching and media, having consistently worked behind the scenes over the years to push the coaching narrative in Nigeria. Ogbe serves as executive member of congress and head of PR, Branding and Communications at the Life Coaches Association of Nigeria (LCAN).

Special Guest Speaker

Dr Harbhajan Batth is an author, mentor capitalist, business coach, multi-disciplinary resource person with a background in medicine, law, risk management and business management. With over three decades of working experience across Africa, Asia and North America, Dr. Batth stands out in the world of strategic thinking. A superior value creator and storyteller, Dr. Batth is the author of two best selling books - Fixing Stereotypes and Failure. It's Not a Big Deal, where he shares his musings from personal life and career experiences.
Dr. Batth is the president of the Lagos Business School, EMBA 7, former executive director at Prestige Assurance PLC, ex-chief manager at the new India Assurance Company Limited, and a resource person at the Tony Elumelu Foundation. He currently works as the Group Chief Information Officer Chellarams PLC.